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Hi, my name is Quyen. I’m a leading hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and the owner of Canvas Hair and Nail Salon, in Kitsilano (Vancouver), Canada. I opened this hair and nail salon in 2008 and started from the ground up. It was quite a rollercoaster ride in my professional career, business, and path in life from that time onwards. I was challenged to find what I stood for, what I believed, and who I was on that day. With experiences and passions, I have thereby established my unique identity and I am excited to share my values, personality, and one-of-a-kind salon atmosphere with my clients and the public.



At Canvas Hair + Nail Salon Vancouver, we commit to detail-oriented aesthetics that are unique to every individual life, being a suitable style for any occasion. Delivering the stylish, simple, chic style leads to the basic, radical, and effortless look, which is the key to our success. Playing an important role in our mission and approach to hair aesthetics, the best advice on the condition of your nails in a detail-oriented manner is given along with using the best product line for hair and nails. 

Our alternatives and techniques are revolutionary compared to our competitors. We work closely with our customers and recommend the best solutions for their hair and nails enhancements. Our staff is well-trained and compassionate to consistently improve their skills and techniques, making them possess a remarkable sensibility.

Throughout Canvas Salon’s evolution, our service has been consistent for the public; our management is self-driven, compassionate, well-trained, adaptable, and we’re ambitious to be better every day to enhance your experience in all perspectives. With our skills, superior training, management, and, most importantly, our commitment to deliver the best version of you, we invite you to stop by and take advantage of our services and warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

Come to Canvas Hair and Nail Salon in beautiful Kitsilano/ Vancouver for your next hair cut, colour, or nail enhancements. We are an independently owned salon that is committed to offering our clients a personalized experience. You will not be one among many and feel great. 

Canvas Hair and Nail Salon: 
Address: 1838 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC V6J 1M3
Tel: 604.732.5831