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Every day is a gift. Life is filled with positive change as we grow and reach our full potential. At Canvas, we love to laugh, tailor your look and help you achieve your personal style. We are authentic, have long standing expertise and detailed skills. Above all, we make sure you feel welcome and supported and eager to come back.

Quyen Duong Hannah Ly

Quyen is a leading hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and the owner of Canvas Hair and Nail Salon. With more than 20 years of experience, Quyen was professionally trained at Bumble & Bumble Academy in New York where she got a deeper understanding of hair, aesthetics, and beauty.

While growing up in a small countryside town near the sea in Vietnam, Quyen was constantly exposed to nature; nowadays, that natural connection explains why she prefers to use environmentally friendly products. She strongly believes beauty is a natural blessing that comes from inside, and taking care of our body is a way to nurture that inner beauty.

Quyen likes reading philosophy, traveling to different places, and learning about different cultures when she's not taking on new challenges or trying new things. Always motivated and energetic, she loves filling up her life with laughter and adventure.

Hannah is our bright little gift for our clients. Born and raised in Southern Vietnam, she holds an Esthetician and Spa Management Diploma and has two years of experience in the spa industry.

It's no surprise that her favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason” from the late Marilyn Monroe. Hannah moved from Toronto due to the pandemic closures in 2020; now she's starting a new life in Vancouver, and we're blessed to have her abilities and experience in Canvas Hair and Nail Salon.

At work, Hannah's most distinctive qualities are her passion for service and her focus on the client. At home, however, her entire attention is devoted to her beloved kitten Boo and making time for her favorite hobbies -traveling and drawing.

Alexis Vu Genesis Flores

Alexis have more than 3 years of customer service experience. She is currently studying in Douglas College where she majored in Computer Science. She is a creative and artistic individual, since she enjoys interacting with people too much, and couldn’t picture herself stuck in labs or office. 

Besides, she is fascinated with fashion, art and make up, she also have in-depth knowledge of high-end hair products and also always makes herself available. She loves taking on new responsibilities and loves working with her co-workers and clients.

There is always a joy to see clients satisfied after their visit to the store.

Her name is Genesis or as she would say to everyone "pronounced Henesis in Spanish", and she is our newest addition to the team this past summer 2021, and we have already given her a cute nickname, "Gigi".

She is born and raised in Venezuela. Gigi has lived in Vancouver for over a decade in which she has completed her Business Management, Marketing Communications, Esthetics and Makeup studies. She has a deep love for all things beauty and has experience in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist & Beauty Consultant as well as in working in specific projects and events in the marketing/PR departments. She has a bubbly and cheerful personality, and is always working hard to make customers feel satisfied and special.

Gigi speaks Spanish, English and intermediate French, which she learned speaking when she lived in Switzerland in 2016, she also loves long walks with her doggy Sharky along the seawall, and spending time with her family and friends. She is always excited to meet new customers and getting to know everyone!