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Embark on a journey to healthier, more vibrant hair with our Signature Renewal Therapy. Our tailored approach targets scalp concerns like dandruff, follicle buildup, and hair loss, while simultaneously rejuvenating overall hair health by addressing greasiness, dullness, and dryness. Our expert team ensures immediate relief and lays the foundation for sustained hair wellness. Start your transformative journey to a revitalized scalp and radiant hair with us.




Hairganix Renew


$120+ (depend on the length)

This revitalizing treatment, complete with a luxurious in-house treatment, brings a touch of magic to your scalp. A transformative scalp and hair treatment that now includes an exclusive Hair Streamer experience, specially designed for clients dealing with stubborn scalp dandruff and heavy build-up.

Leaving you with hair that feels completely refreshed, renewed, and impeccably styled. Uncover the secret to a rejuvenated scalp and a dandruff-free, radiant mane with Hairganix Renew.
(1 hour 30 minutes, includes styling)

Malibu Revive


$80+ (depend on the length) A  special scalp and hair treatment tailored for our blonde clientele seeking to enhance and brighten their blonde hues. This transformative treatment captures the essence of coastal rejuvenation, leaving your scalp revitalized and your hair ready to shine with newfound vibrancy. Complete with professional styling for the perfect finishing touch, leaving you with a refreshed and brilliantly brightened blonde mane.
(1 - 1.5 hours, includes styling)

Scalp Detox


$80+ (depend on the length)

Revitalize your scalp with our Scalp Detox treatment, perfect for those with light dandruff build-up. Experience the cleansing power of our specialized formula designed to refresh and invigorate your scalp. Choose Scalp Detox for a targeted solution to promote a healthier, more vibrant scalp.

(1 - 1.5 hours, includes styling)

QuickFix HydraBoost


$50+ (depend on the length)

Indulge in the ultimate time-efficient luxury with our QuickFix HydraBoost. In just 30 minutes, experience a surge of hydration that revitalizes your scalp and leaves your hair looking refreshed and ready for any occasion. Beauty, in a blink.

 (30-Minute Add-On Service)