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Quyen Duong

I am Quyen!  I was born and raised in southern Vietnam. I would describe myself as a people person who loves to laugh and enjoys taking on new challenges. In my spare time, I like to read philosophy. Also I love travel and adventure. I believe in second chances, and feel that anyone may be made worthy of one.
I have been working as a stylist for more than 20 years, and was trained  in New York City with the outstanding assistance of Bumble & Bumble Academy   : I believe beauty comes from the inside, however the body should be cared for as well.  Using my knowledge, I will transform your style into something fun and current. I will also treat your scalp, and improve the heath of your hair from root to tip.
My goal in working with hair is to bring out movement, while capturing the unique angles of your face, to flatter your appearance in the best possible way.
The products I most enjoy working with are:  Bumble & Bumble, Daviness, and Kevin Murphy. I will explain to you the condition of your hair, give you tips on how to remedy any problems with your hair, and advise you on how to maintain it, once it is in a healthy state. My expertise is well merited, so you can put your trust in me to give you the best possible consultation. You will leave feeling beautiful as well.
We all want to make the most of each day, meeting it with laughter and joy. However, we should not neglect our bodies. Remember that your hair heath is an extension of your bodily heath. We should all strive to achieve a heathy body, a heathy mind, and a generous heart. If we can make those things a reality, than a greater adventure awaits.

Kristina Muznikiene

I’m Kristina, nail and lash technician, and brow specialist. I am a very artistic person. I love to paint when I have the time, and I try to be completely present anytime.  I have been working in the beauty industry for 8 years, and my goal is always to make women appear, and feel their best. I have been working at Canvas for a year, and creating balanced high definition eyebrows is my specialty. I use a unique facial graphing system to ensure that each client walks away from the salon with a perfect set of brows.  In fact, I would consider what I do for work a passion, almost an obsession. To me, the secret to beauty, is a level of balance. Eyebrows, although an extremely important aspect of our facial features, are often sadly neglected. To create a more youthful appearance, we must first balance out uneven brows, thereby bringing the other facial features back into focus.  I truly love the feeling that I get when I know I have given a client the eyebrows they deserve.

Kim Nguyen

I’m Kim Nguyen. I have worked for Canvas Salon for 12 of the 15 years that I have been a nail technician and esthetician. My hobbies are cooking, reading, listening to music, and spending quality time with my kids. The highlight of my job, for me, is seeing the finished product that I am able to accomplish through years of expertise. I feel confident that my customers leave happy, and feel a sense of pride at what I have created. I always encourage my clients to keep their nails clean and healthy, and for that reason, my favourite product is Natiques Formula 2, as it tends to keep nails healthy, even after its regular use.


Hi, I’m Jessica Cao. With 3 years of experience as a Nail Technician, I am seeking the opportunity to join Canvas Hair & Nail Salon that is well-known for where the beauty magic happens. I have a great passion for delivering excellent services as well as providing creative and artistic nail techniques to the customers.

Working in the beauty industry for several years, I see myself have a strong love with this job since I aspire to make my customers happy, satisfied and beautiful also I like the feeling of enjoying my work afterwards. First of all, I am kind of person who has excellent attention to detail, hence my manicure & pedicure styles are so sequentially, detail and perfectly performed. Besides, nail extension is one of my best indulgence, no matter with gel or acrylic. Frankly, my nail is naturally too short then there is a big dream forming in my mind since I was very little that finds some ways to help people like me could have a more beautiful nail set. It unceasingly leads me to be myself today. Really, I am so proud of what I did and am doing. I wish to see all of you guys at the salon.


Bonjour!  My name is Alexis. I have joined the Canvas team as a receptionist since September 2018 and am excited to start my job in the Beauty industry. I have always been passionate about films, fashion and art and deeply fell into it.

I have a working knowledge with a wide range of products and proudly use including  Bumble Bumble, Davines, Kevin Murphy, which are eco-friendly, not tested on animals, and hypoallergenic. I believe that everyone deserves the best style and I want to make luxury affordable. As far as my experience tells me, it is to be comfortable speaking to, as well as meeting and interacting with people, each with their unique prerequisite. I looks forward to sharing joys with you until you walk out Canvas’s door looking and feeling fabulous.


I’m Susan, hairstylist and esthetician, I was born in Iran and I feel like I was born a hairstylist, I’ve been working as a hairstylist for almost 20 years, I attended many hair styling courses in Iran, England (London), Malaysia and Turkey and I think I’m totally a well-trained hairstylist, I know every type of hair and I’m able to make you look how you deserve!

I love when a client leaves salon Satisfied and that’s the point which motivates me to love my job and make effort more than before, I deeply enjoy to be called “Hairstylist”!

I like to read a book, listen to music and dance when I have free time, I always loved to Work and Learn new thing in the meantime and also to meet new people!

Now I feel very delighted that Canva