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Every day is a gift. Life is filled with positive change as we grow and reach our full potential. At Canvas, we love to laugh, tailor your look and help you achieve your personal style. We are authentic, have long standing expertise and detailed skills. Above all, we make sure you feel welcome and supported and eager to come back.

Quyen Duong

Alexis Vu

Alex Vu. Receptionist at Canvas Hair and Nail Salon.

Quyen is a leading hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and the owner of Canvas Hair and Nail Salon. With more than 20 years of experience, Quyen was professionally trained at Bumble & Bumble Academy in New York where she got a deeper understanding of hair, aesthetics, and beauty.

While growing up in a small countryside town near the sea in Vietnam, Quyen was constantly exposed to nature; nowadays, that natural connection explains why she prefers to use environmentally friendly products. She strongly believes beauty is a natural blessing that comes from inside, and taking care of our body is a way to nurture that inner beauty.

Quyen likes reading philosophy, traveling to different places, and learning about different cultures when she's not taking on new challenges or trying new things. Always motivated and energetic, she loves filling up her life with laughter and adventure.

Alex works with experience in a variety of industries and a history of success in providing exceptional customer service. 

Consistent positive interactions with customers and knowledge of hair products.

 Laura Vasques


Laura is our front desk receptionist, born and raised in Colombia, Laura always loved the beauty industry, before leaving Colombia, she studied Nails and when she arrived in Canada, she completed her studies in Makeup artistry for TV & film in Vancouver.

Her favorite phrase is "Treat people with kindness" this phrase reflects her spirit and the way she lives her life.