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The Sustainable Eco-friendly Hair Brand Line to avoid Hair Itching or Greasiness while Enhancing Hair Growth

The transition towards ethical consumption is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and consumers now demand things that are good not only for themselves but for the environment. This social movement goes well beyond the food you ingest in your body. As important as what you wear on it is what you put on it. Although everyone has a different diet, we feel that irrespective of what yours is (vegetarian, omnivore, or vegan), your personal and cosmetic beauty products should not contain animal substances.

Hence in this article, Canvas Hair + Nail Salon will provide you with guidelines on some of the best sustainable, eco-friendly brand lines with nature-based products that will build up your hair. 

Canvas Hair + Nail Salon Products

Discovering the right natural hair care brands that are suitable for your hair will seem like washing and freeing your hair from grease and dirt after a long week. It helps us tremendously, and you can learn more about our sustainable beauty standards beneath the brand list. It is crucial to remember that the words "sustainable and eco-friendly'' do not necessarily guarantee that the product is devoid of side effects.

We use the following hair care products which are highly environment-friendly: Davines essential hair care products perform exceptionally well. Davines has 8 families of shampoo and conditioners to give your hair the perfect care and growth.

We also have Zenagen hair care products that are effective for preventing hair loss and repairing damaged hair. Both Davines and Zenagen offer a fantastic choice of hair care while still meeting each standard. Read on to learn more about our Davine essential hair care products which are effective and eco-friendly.

Purchase Davines essential hair care from Canvas Hair + Nail Salon

As part of an effort to save the environment, Davines offers an ecologically conscious beauty for all ages. All Parma, Italy-made cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and diligence utilizing the best scientific means. Davines is one of the major brands used at Canvas Hair + Nail Salon, a sophisticated salon located in Kitsilano, Vancouver, B.C.

Some Sustainable and Eco-friendly Hair products We Use At Canvas Nail + Hair Salon

Davines Oi line - Canvas salon

OI/OIL Shampoo

With each use, this Davines shampoo delivers a sensual and fragrant experience that leaves your hair tingling and refreshed. The OI/OIL Shampoo will provide the hair with an extra volume boost, add smoothness, and help preserve the hair from ecological and ageing effects. Interestingly, it works on all kinds of hair. 

One of the major ingredients this product contains is Roucou oil since Roucou oil is known to have antioxidants, sunflower seed oil, and beta-carotene, which are essential in enriching your hair with vitamin E and strengthening the hair follicles. 


  • Excellent for daily usage
  • It contains Roucou oil to give your hair a brilliant and soft texture
  • Used on all kinds of hair

How to Use

    • Styling: Apply 2-3 pumps to damp hair massage throughout your hair scalp before blow drying or air drying
  • Finishing: Apply 2-3 pumps to dry hair massage throughout your hair scalp. The quantity you use depends on the hair style. For thin hair, use only 1 pump. For medium or thick hair feel free to use 2 or more pumps.
  • OI All In One Milk Hair Cream

    Davine products strive to develop the ideal remedy to common hair concerns you may already know, and OI All in One Milk Hair Cream is one such remedy. When styling, add this Roucou Milk Spray, which is full of antioxidants and beta-carotene. An intensive hair conditioning and shine-enhancing serum for any hair texture. With its soft, milky texture and pleasant scent, the OI All in One Milk Hair Cream helps tackle all the different problems associated with hair, including detangling, softening, regulating, and preservation. It's a delight to bring OI milk with you everywhere you go.

    Two varieties of this OI All In One Milk Hair Cream are available: the smaller sized  (75 ml) and bigger sized (250 ml) bottles. The best thing you can do for your hairstyle is nourishing them, care for them, and treat them with heat while still being gentle on the hair. It adds softness, shine, and definition each time you use it. 


    • It has a pleasant fragrance scent
    • It is an all in one hair nourishment milk
    • It contains Roucou oil for brilliant shine and anti-aging potency
    • It comes in two variants

    How to Use

    • Pump about 10 to 15 of the OI All In One Milk Hair Cream to your already washed and dried hair 
    • Rub the hair milk throughout your hair before proceeding to style it


    The Sustainable Eco-friendly Hair Brand Line not only helps your hair stay healthy and strong, but it also is important for the environment. This line is made with natural ingredients so you can avoid itching or greasiness while enhancing hair growth. If you are looking to grow out your locks in a sustainable fashion, or just want an easier way to maintain your current hairstyle without harsh chemicals that could damage the health of your hair, visit us today at Canvas Hair + Nail Salon or purchase our vast range of recommended eco-friendly products here!

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