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5 Secrets to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful When You Blow Dry It

Fall is on! It's the time of the year when you have more opportunities to go out and show off your fantastic blow out styled hair - while keeping yourself safe, of course. It could be a downside, though, if you do not have an adequate care routine for your hair.

While making us look beautiful and fresh during the sunny days, constantly blow drying can damage our hair if we do not prepare it and protect it. These are our top 5 secrets to get the blowing style you want and keeping that gorgeous hair everybody loves.

Secret #1: Get rid of the excess water from your hair!

Do not let all the work to your blow dryer! Start by towel-drying your hair so it will not be soaking wet when you start styling it, reducing the exposure time of your hair to hot airwaves.

The less time your hair is under the blower, the minor damage from the heat you will have. And you will save some precious time too!

Secret #2: Primer your hair beforehand.

Washing your hair or having it wet before blow drying it is not enough. The blow dryer will sweep away all the water from your hair; moreover, it will add high temperatures that could dry your hair up to the cuticle.

Use the primer as a foundation for your hair. The product will equalize the hair porosity and will leave it with increased moisture-absorbing capacity. 

Moisturizing your hair is an easy and essential step often overlooked. Find the primer that better suits your hair type and hair length, making sure it is also gentle for your scalp; using light moisture shampoos such as Davines Dede or Bumble & Bumble Seaweed can also add the additional liquid your hair needs.

Follow this simple step to prepare your hair and keep it shining after styling it.

Secret #3: Protect your hair from the heat!

There is a reason why the most renowned hair care brands create heat protectors for your hair. These essential products create a barrier against high temperatures, protecting from the severe damage and dryness the blow dryer can cause while moisturizing and nurturing your hair.

However, not all products are equally effective when protecting your hair from the heat. For instance, the formulas on some primers include high to medium heat protection, while others don't offer any. Please ask an expert for advice on the best product for your hair; our hairstylists at Canvas Hair and Nail Salon in Kits are always happy to help you over the phone or via email to give you a hand with your hair concerns.

Another efficient product in the market is La Biosthetique Heat Protector. It gives you all the described protective benefits and enhanced elasticity with an elegant scent you will love.

Secret #4: Keep the blow dryer far from your hair root and your scalp.

Before sectioning your hair, start to blow dry all over with medium heat without navo to 80% dry and depending on your hair type (not apply for kinky curl),you can put stylist products to control the hairs, and add it on your hair whichever you desire to style. After that section your hair is 3-4 sections.

Some styles may require that you start blowing your hair from the very top of your head; however, you must be careful and avoid applying such excessive heat to both your hair root and your scalp. Start by keeping distance between your blow dryer and your head, then try pointing the tip from bottom to top, avoiding a direct aim to your scalp. 

A simple change in your technique will reassure you will get the desired effect without side effects that may cost you time, money, and even discomfort and health loss.

Secret #5: Moisture your hair again.

Remember how you primed your hair before you started blow drying it? Well, you better moisturize it again after you finish; this little secret can make a lot of difference in the final touch, and you will notice it!

You've seen how beautiful your hair looks after a blowout in the salon. What you may be forgetting is the hair oil or spray applied before you leave to keep that effect; go and do the same, add moisture and shine to your perfect blowout.

A product that can help you achieve that goal is Davines OI All in One Milk. When used after your preferred primer it will add controlled softness, shine, and moisture for a refined end.


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