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How To Choose a Hair Stylist for the Best Blowout

A blowout can make or break your day, but with the right hair stylist, it will be the best thing you could've done for yourself. You want to make sure that they know what they're doing and have a plan for your hair when you walk in and sit down in their chair. It's all about finding someone who understands how to work with texture and is not against it. Please do some research on different salons in your area and find one with a good reputation amongst its clientele. Canvas hair + Nail Salon is the "Best walk in hair salons near me" if you reside within Vancouver and its environs. Many factors go into choosing a hair stylist in Vancouver, and all of them have something to do with your hair type and desired look. Read on as we discuss how to choose a stylist for the best blowout.


How to choose a stylist for the best blow out in hair salon in Vancouver Kitsilano

Find local salons & hair stylists online

Social media is one of the most trusted and authentic ways to find a stylist. Many social media platforms allow you to share your work. For example, Instagram is a great way to find a stylist. Pinterest and Instagram are the top social media platforms for stylists and salons to share their work. 


To find stylists in your area, log into your account. Then, scroll through different hashtags and search for them. Because hashtags organize photos by keywords, it gathers and curates all conversations about a particular topic. For example, you might use hashtags such as #CurlyHair, #VancouverStylist, #CanadaSalon to search for things like #PixieCut and #HairGoals.


You can also search on Google for keywords like "Hair Salon near me, best hair salons near me, salon near me, natural hair salon near me, curly hair salon near me" for a more refined search result based on your location.

If you’re not sure which blowout style you should get for a specific occasion, following hair salon Vancouver social media like Canvas Hair + Nail Salon’s Instagram is a perfect idea to be inspired. However, we highly recommend you to visit the hair salon in person to give an opportunity for our experienced hair stylist to suggest the best style for you.

Word of Mouth and Personal Recommendations

While social media is often called "the new word in the mouth," it's important to remember that there's still the traditional word of mouth, which is great for people who don't like technology. Also, it's natural to chat with coworkers and friends. You never know what amazing ideas or resources they might have.


If you notice hair that speaks to you, be kind and compliment the person. Then, ask where they go to get their #HairGoals! It'sIt's not just about the hair. People develop close relationships over the years with their hair stylists. A compliment to their hair speaks volumes about their stylist. They want nothing more than for their friend to be a hair guru.


Ask the right questions when you decide on a new stylist

Experience is not enough. It's not enough to have years of experience. We can see professional credentials on the walls at doctors' offices. This can give us a sense of comfort and peace. However, this mentality does not necessarily translate to the world of stylists. You might ask yourself, "How long have you been cutting hair?" But, years are not everything. A Ph.D. in hair colouring or cutting is not the same as a degree in weaving, styling, and/or colour. Although experience is a great source of wisdom and knowledge, stylists should continue their education in new techniques and technologies to stay on top of the constantly changing trends in hairstyling.


To be a true stylist, they must continue to learn to offer the best hairstyles to their clients. Ask about the stylist's education and how often they attend courses, events, or educational experiences. The more, the better. The stylist you visit cares about their career, their clients, and their industry. It is in their best interest to keep up with all the latest trends and technology as you want dream hair, not dated hair! 


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Make the first step and consult with a new hair stylist

What do you do after you have done your research? How can you tell if the stylist is still right for you? First, book an appointment with the salon to receive a blowout or conditioning treatment. This allows you to meet the stylist in person and feel their skills without spending a lot. Ask them questions about their experience and achievements. You can also get a sense of their personality and see if it matches yours. While education, achievements, years of experience, and portfolio are important, stylists' personalities can make or break a deal.


Final Note

When it comes to picking a stylist, you want someone with the right skillset and training. For instance, if your hair is thinning or damaged by chemicals like chlorine from swimming pools, be sure that they have experience dealing with these issues before going under their care. It's also important for them to know how best to cut your hair depending on its texture so you can get the most flattering look possible. 

Meet your stylist at Canvas Hair + Nail Salon today 

Our stylists are fun, professional, and experts in creating the perfect look for you. Our stylists specialize in hair styling and blowouts with attention to detail and texture. We offer a variety of services and listen to what you want while offering our professional opinion. If you are about to search for “hair stylist near me”, let’s book an appointment with our passionate hair stylist in Vancouver/ Kitsilano today; let us show you why we are the best blowout hair stylist within your vicinity.

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