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8 Quick Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Long hair requires a lot of care, but it doesn’t mean that you should give up on your hair. The key to keeping long hair healthy is to be consistent with the maintenance. If you are not sure how to go about it, here are some tips for long hair:

1. Frequent trims are good for long hair

Hair grows at around ½-inch per month but some people grow hair faster than others. Unkempt growth can lead to split ends and breakage which can lead to the need for more frequent haircuts as the years go by.

Frequent haircuts are good for long hair, as they keep the ends from splitting and getting too dry. It also gives you a chance to talk to your stylist about specialized treatments or products that might be a good match for your hair type and current needs.

2. Try detergent-free cleanser at the shampooing stage 

Detergent-free cleanser is a product that is good for the hair. It can be used to clean your hair without the use of any harsh chemicals or detergents.

The main goal of detergent-free cleanser is to cleanse your hair without stripping it off its natural oils. This will help you avoid any breakage or damage. There are also a lot of people who find that their scalp becomes less oily and their hair becomes shinier as well.

3. Keep the hair well conditioned

Use gentle products when washing your locks or use dry shampoo between washes if necessary. This will help avoid frizz or breakage in your tresses. Some people use conditioner as their main after-wash hair care product, while others use it in conjunction with other products such as masks or oils.

Conditioners are available in a variety of formulas depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. For example, there are different formulas for dry and curly hair, oily scalp or split ends.

4. Use soft fabric like cotton or linen for drying

Softer fabrics (think: a hair wrap or old t-shirt) are better than most towels for preserving your hair. This stops the hair shaft from fraying when you wrap it so that it doesn’t get frizzy or cause damage. 

Cotton towels are best for people with dry hair because they absorb water very quickly. Linen towels are best for people with oily hair because they will be able to soak up the excess oils on your scalp before they have time to build up and cause damage or breakage. 

5. Use a boar bristle brush

This can prevent breakage and make sure that you have enough natural oils in your scalp and on your strands. Boar bristles are often preferred over other types of brushes because they tend to be more durable and do not get damaged easily; they also tend to be softer on the scalp which can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive scalps.

6. Indulge in a scalp massage

A scalp massage is a great way to help with long hair. The scalp needs to be massaged to stimulate the production of natural oils, which will help keep the hair hydrated and healthy. Scalp massages can also stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation.

The best way to do this is by using your hands, but you can also use a brush or comb for more targeted massage. Start by parting your hair into sections and gently work your fingers through each section of hair, starting at the roots and working down towards the ends.

7. Avoid hot tools for styling 

Hair is a sensitive part of the body, and it needs to be protected. Heat is not your friend when it comes to long hair care. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, and heat can destroy these proteins. Heat is also bad for hair because it can lead to dryness, which will cause your hair to break off more easily.

The best way to protect your hair from heat damage is by using a heat protectant before you use any styling tools on it. Heat protectants are designed with ingredients that will help shield your hair from the damaging effects of heat. Plus, use low-heat settings where possible. 

8. Choose a scrunchy over an elastic 

Scrunchies are back in style–thank goodness! Traditional hair ties are bad for your hair. They actually put a lot of tension on your hair and can cause breakage.

To make your hair healthy is to use light-touch scrunchies for hair clips. Prioritize loose styles like breezy braids or buns rather than anything that pulls at the scalp. 

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